Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe
Listen & Be Heard Poetry Café closing its doors
VALLEJO – The Listen & Be Heard Poetry Café, run by husband and wife poets Tony and Martha Mims, is closing its doors for the final time Saturday afternoon, March 29. While the café has helped spawn the careers of local poets, musicians, and comedians, the devastated economy of Vallejo has made it impossible to keep the Mims’s dreams alive of providing local artists with a physical place to explore their creativity. “It’s disappointing but a bit of a relief to be honest because Tony and I have been working so hard these past three years,” Mims said. “The promises of downtown Vallejo have not been fulfilled.

“There was talk of new condos being built and new development on the waterfront and the downtown economic revitalization was supposed to be led by the arts. None of that has happened. Still, we feel like we’ve accomplished a lot in these last three years and contributed to our community, but it’s time to move on.”

The Mims insist that the ideas behind the café are not going anywhere. Listen & Be Heard sponsored several events before there was a café and they will continue to do so. In addition, their online newsletter will continue to be a virtual clearinghouse for the creative community. The impact of the café on those striving to have their art pass from their imagination into the popular consciousness is undeniable. Numerous artists have gotten their start, received invaluable experience and were plugged into a network of artistic people through the café. “We’ve worked with so many people — musicians, comedians, artists and a host of poets and seen how there’s a need for what we’ve done,” Mims said. “There’s the big world of commercial art and then there’s a whole other world of people who want a way to express and develop themselves as artists. A good example of that is 10-year-old Gabi Wilson who now has made many national television appearances and actually did her first concert at the café. There are poetry slam champions who started at Listen & Be Heard too.”

With the doors of the poetry café closing, another door is opening for Tony Mims which is close to his heart: mentoring at-risk youths. Utilizing the experience he garnered running four group homes in Vallejo, Mims plans to be a force for positive change in his community.

“I’m opening up New Life Self Discovery Center on Monterey and Tennessee streets and what I teach is self-love and personal responsibility,” Mims said. “There’s such a need to capture kids’ attention before they get into the criminal justice system. Schools are cutting funds for counselors and kids don’t get attention they need. I try to get people in touch with who they are and take responsibility for their lives to reach their full potential.” As Listen & Be Heard transforms itself into a new entity, Martha Mims had a few parting words. “It was fun creating a stepping stone so people could exercise their creative muscles and feel comfortable in their expression,” Mims said. “We’d like to thank all the people who came into our doors and all the loyal customers and the wonderful performing artists who brought this place to life while we were here.”
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By Tony Wade

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Living It!

“Living It”, The Remixes featuring Martha Cinader
Liquid Sound Lound Lounge Recordings
You know, if it comes from Jeannie Hopper, I absolutely KNOW it’s gonna be good-that girl’s definitely got her finger on the pulse. First she sends me the original set of mixes on her very own LSL production “Living IT” (see review in Feb/March ’98 DMA) which totally blew me away; then she turned me o to the smooth Philly soul assemblages of King Britt’s Sylk 130 When the Funk Hits The Fan LP on Ovum/Columbia Records (see review of the album elsewhere in this issue). Now she slams me with two more goodies, the Victor Simonelli remixes of “Living It” and the Burnin’ EP” from German house producers Ruffcut. On the “Living It” remixes, Victor Simonelli gives a classy minimalistic interpretation that clearly places Martha Cinader’s philosophical word-smithing in the centerstage; it bumps along at a lively 122 BPM pace with mellow synth sstabs, subtle funky key work and a thick atmospheric texture. Simonelli also includes a beatless acapella and a bonus beats-only track so those whar are inclined may work their own turntable magic. Also included on this 12″ is Birth of Cool’s Deep Dub, a continuation of their Dub mix from the original 12″ that goes straight for the funk in a fluid, energetic U.K. deep house fashinon.
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From the DJ’s


Living It!

DJ Tony Humpheries Hot 97, NYC – In Rotation 5 weeks straight

DJ Doc Martin, Los Angeles-“Interesting Changes in deep bass mix. All mixes are Good” – Heavy Play!

DJ John Alvarado, WVUM-Power 96, Miami – “Wicked Concept. This is Phatness required for my People”

DJ Bruce Wilcox, WOMB & Spec’s Music, Miami -“It’s Cool. Original for my radio show!”

Phil Turnipseed, DJ Times, NYC – Reminiscent of the Daou’s “Surrender Yourself”.

DJ A-Gram, Diesel Store, NYC – “Dope Spoken Word, Dope Instrumental, Dope Record!!” Original Mix

DJ Pope, Baltimore – “Good job…Keep it Up!” Liquid Side

DJ Nickodemus, Giant Step, NYC – “Uplifting Vocals. Nice Deep Feel” Original Mix & Liquid Side

Brian Shutta, Scratch Pad, Milwaukee – “I like the different genre’s of mixes on one piece of vinyl.” BOC DUB

DJ Aou, Step Ahead/12″ Dance, D.C. – “tony edward’s kickass again on keys.” Original & Liquid side

DJ Cozmic Cat, Philadelphia – “Reminds me of Dana Bryant. Go Girl!!” Sub Freak & BOC Mix

DJ John Curley, Chicago – “Dig’m all, but programming BOC mixes”

Tony Aco, Choctaw, OK – “The dub is deep…I’m Loving It!”

DJ Dealer, Denver – Wearing it out! “Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!!” Liquid Side

DJ Garth – Hardkiss, San Francisco – “Fresh” Liquid Side

DJ Niven – Hardkiss, San Francisco – “Lovely vocal, sensible lyrics..punched with rhythm” Sub – Freak mix

DJ Dove, WPSC, New Jersey – “This Record is pretty cool and very different” BOC Mixes

Jason Hodges, CKLN, Scarborough, Canada – “Love it ..poetry over top slammin beats a welcome change!”

Neil Aline, WNYU, NYC – “Good Job! I will play the original!!”

Mike McCloud, Discovery Disco KDBF, LR, AR – “2 Words…THE BOMB!”

CJ @VybeMuzik, Miami – “give me mood, give me feelings, give me drama, that’s what living it is about”

Kevin @VybeMuzik, Miami – “I’m very’s lyrically & musically deep..I’m Living It!”

DJ Snowhite, Beach Radio, Miami – ” sooo smoooth & sensual. Keep the åabstracicity’ coming.”


Trevor Nicholas, WRUW, Cleveland -“BOC workin’”

DJ Boom Bip, WAIF, Cinncinati-“I like what LSL Records are all about. Always Supportin’” all mixes.

Luis Lopez, WCRX, Chicago – “Love the product. Record Sounds Phat & definately movin’ the masses”

DJ Jezus Juice, Net Radio, Minneapolis – “Great Record! Great Mixes! all Workin”

DJ Sun, KPFT, Houston-“Lovin’ the Jazzy Drum and Bass!”

DJ E-Live, KRTM, Temecula, CA – “A hypnotic blend of beats, grooves and poetry”