Margaret Coble

Living It!

DJ JeannieHopper and Sabine Worthmann
Featuring Martha Cinader
” You know in this job as a reviewer, I listen to a LOT of vinyl, and it’s actually VERY rare when something really jumps out and grabs me as much as this piece did. DJ Jeannie Hopper and the LSL crew really caught my attention with this very creative project that marries some interesting spoken word-smithing with various jazz-rooted remixing styles. On the A side, even the drum n’ bass oriented Original mix appeals to me (usually not a genre that I would be drawn to), with its snappy drum programming, subtle booming bass, and sparse, dreamy instrumentation; John Ward (of Sub Dub fame) then offers his trippy Sub -Freak version, an eclectically sound -effected jazzy dub rendition that suits the philosophical musings of Martha Cinader quite well. But for a more uptempo dancing experience, I’d flip on over to Lars “lb” Behrenroth and Michael Carstensen’s deeper Birth of Cool House and Dub mixes. Swirling, dreamy atmospheric synths, bumpin’ key stabs, meandering jazzy vibe riffs, bubbling samba-ish bass lines and syncopated (at times) percussion over a pumpinhouse track-very well produced, giving Cinader’s poetic rambling a totally different framework in which to flow. I absolutely love this piece, and I hear Tony Humphries is also a fan of the BOC mixes. For more info, check out Hopper’s LSL website at”
Margaret Coble Dance Music Authority March ’98