From the DJ’s


Living It!

DJ Tony Humpheries Hot 97, NYC – In Rotation 5 weeks straight

DJ Doc Martin, Los Angeles-“Interesting Changes in deep bass mix. All mixes are Good” – Heavy Play!

DJ John Alvarado, WVUM-Power 96, Miami – “Wicked Concept. This is Phatness required for my People”

DJ Bruce Wilcox, WOMB & Spec’s Music, Miami -“It’s Cool. Original for my radio show!”

Phil Turnipseed, DJ Times, NYC – Reminiscent of the Daou’s “Surrender Yourself”.

DJ A-Gram, Diesel Store, NYC – “Dope Spoken Word, Dope Instrumental, Dope Record!!” Original Mix

DJ Pope, Baltimore – “Good job…Keep it Up!” Liquid Side

DJ Nickodemus, Giant Step, NYC – “Uplifting Vocals. Nice Deep Feel” Original Mix & Liquid Side

Brian Shutta, Scratch Pad, Milwaukee – “I like the different genre’s of mixes on one piece of vinyl.” BOC DUB

DJ Aou, Step Ahead/12″ Dance, D.C. – “tony edward’s kickass again on keys.” Original & Liquid side

DJ Cozmic Cat, Philadelphia – “Reminds me of Dana Bryant. Go Girl!!” Sub Freak & BOC Mix

DJ John Curley, Chicago – “Dig’m all, but programming BOC mixes”

Tony Aco, Choctaw, OK – “The dub is deep…I’m Loving It!”

DJ Dealer, Denver – Wearing it out! “Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!!” Liquid Side

DJ Garth – Hardkiss, San Francisco – “Fresh” Liquid Side

DJ Niven – Hardkiss, San Francisco – “Lovely vocal, sensible lyrics..punched with rhythm” Sub – Freak mix

DJ Dove, WPSC, New Jersey – “This Record is pretty cool and very different” BOC Mixes

Jason Hodges, CKLN, Scarborough, Canada – “Love it ..poetry over top slammin beats a welcome change!”

Neil Aline, WNYU, NYC – “Good Job! I will play the original!!”

Mike McCloud, Discovery Disco KDBF, LR, AR – “2 Words…THE BOMB!”

CJ @VybeMuzik, Miami – “give me mood, give me feelings, give me drama, that’s what living it is about”

Kevin @VybeMuzik, Miami – “I’m very’s lyrically & musically deep..I’m Living It!”

DJ Snowhite, Beach Radio, Miami – ” sooo smoooth & sensual. Keep the åabstracicity’ coming.”


Trevor Nicholas, WRUW, Cleveland -“BOC workin’”

DJ Boom Bip, WAIF, Cinncinati-“I like what LSL Records are all about. Always Supportin’” all mixes.

Luis Lopez, WCRX, Chicago – “Love the product. Record Sounds Phat & definately movin’ the masses”

DJ Jezus Juice, Net Radio, Minneapolis – “Great Record! Great Mixes! all Workin”

DJ Sun, KPFT, Houston-“Lovin’ the Jazzy Drum and Bass!”

DJ E-Live, KRTM, Temecula, CA – “A hypnotic blend of beats, grooves and poetry”