Freestyle Grooves

Living It!
For once, we have a review of an album that hasn’t been released yet. It can be obtained only from the artist Martha Cinader herself. Martha Cinader caught our attention with the phenomenal track “Living it”, of which the Victor Simonelli remix is extraordinary. The reason this track caught our attention was because of the lyrics, yes, the lyrics ! The lyrics of “Living it” are one strong emotional outlet about life in its fullest effect. It breaths the spirit of a creative artistic energetic life which immediately catches ones attention. That made us look furhter at who the artist Martha Cinader was and brought us to her Po’azz Yo’azz album. This is not the ordinary album for sure ! It’s clear that Martha Cinadar offers plenty of interesting views through her lyrics. In fact, she describes her music as a mixture between poetry and music and so it is. Listen to the track “White Linen” and you’ll know. It’s a sort of poem about becoming old in this society. “Eat” is completely differently styled, reflecting societies fast food way of living in both lyrics and tempo. There is “Yes No” on drum’n’bass music that in some way reflects the undeciding battles between loving people. Weird for sure as the music and lyrics go hand in hand with the emotions. Of course “Living it” is here too, but in a much more intimate disguise on drum’n’bass music. Here, the vocals get much more accent than on the Victor Simonelli remix. More poetry goes in “Rosebud” and “Belated Mother’s day”, where we hear Martha Cinader’s soft voice telling the Rosebud poetry on piano background or the “Belated Mother’s day” on violin. Finally, there is “Po’azz yo’azz” where Martha Cinader is sort of introducing what it is all about. A little strange she puts this track on the last position. She tells about the mixture of poetry and jazz, about digging one’s soul to express emotions, and feelings. And that’s exactly what she has been doing in this full album. It’s perhaps a combination we’re not so used to these days, but it’s sure that Martha Cinader brings an original way of making music, poetry and emotions. She seems to be the kind of person that goes for her own ideas, style, feeling, interpretations, without giving in to commercially dictated styles. And that alone is great ! – Freestyle Grooves