Catherine Fellows – The Scotsman

Dreamscape, Real Dreams Really Make a Difference

To the deep, soothing accompaniment of an inventive double bass score, New Yorker Martha Cinader tells tales of exceptional people in a lyrical, jazzy style that is just right for this morning slot. Her stories vary from day to day, but you might catch the one about Emperor Nero, here transformed into a “fat cat with some bread who gets his kicks outa crucifyin’ Christian brothers”; or hear how Queen Boadicea refused to take those Romans lying down…”she was bad, know what I mean, and she couldn’t be any other way”. Skipping a few centuries, Cinader moves on to tell how one green George Orwell got himself tangled up in the Spanish Civil War…”in Barcelona he found there was no first class, no second class, no any kinda class-now, that, that was a situation worth fightin’ for.”

Cinader’s use of language is so seductive and her rhythmic, rapping voice so carressing, that you really don’t want her to stop. Catherine Fellows – The Scotsman