Marvelina Chapter 16 Part 3

Shavana and her followers have avoided detection from STs and Rebels alike. But some women who manage to escape Square City rely on the desires of men to obtain what they need to survive in WilderWood.

	Lavender woke up thinking about when she walked out angrily on her mother and dropped her lipstick in the street. She cried, and an ST had stopped to talk to her. Before that day she had thought that Inside was the only place where she could get things that she wanted. Anticipating what unexpected offerings might come her way today, she hugged the automatic weapon that she was now in the habit of keeping at her side while she slept.

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Marvelina Chapter 13 Part 1

Many times our own resentments prevent us from having empathy with another person’s situation. Anna, an escaped slave, had not given much thought to why Marvelina had found her privileged situation so intolerable…

	"The ST is chained to a tree. The SSFs were drinking and now they're sleeping," Anna added. "Except for the General. He might still be inflicting that girl…" she trailed off. She felt complicit. She turned to look at Marvelina, suddenly realizing that Marvelina might not be so different from that girl at the mercy of the General, or the young Anna she used to be. "There'll be a breakfast delivery in the morning," she said, finishing her summary.

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