Marvelina Chapter 18 Part 1

Conquerors, and even the people they bring unwillingly with them, tend to ignore the native people, and their native wisdom. This is as true on Earth as it is on Grandmother.

	“We should follow them,” said Katrina. She and Morina nodded to the men and turned to leave. But Merlin interrupted them. 
	“Want the Only People to you touch not. Want they to you talk not." He paused for a moment, reaching into his pocket. "Got I the Sacred Herb some of.  Time is it sharing for. We walking are the web on Grandmother Spider of, going and coming the same is.”

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Marvelina Chapter 12 Part 1

Morina discovered her greatest strengths while surviving in WilderWood and functioning as Shavana’s fiercest warrior. If called upon to, she would sacrifice her life for Shavana without a second thought. She is also the best hunter among the group of women, and the most hot tempered.

	She fell into a determined march step and lost track of time, startled out of her single-minded state of concentration when she heard the sharp signal. She whistled in answer, and a couple minutes later she appeared at the campsite looking like a bloody mythological beast, half woman and half buck. Flies and wasps buzzed around her in a cloud. The heavy antlers tipped forward as if she was ready to charge. At first motionless with wonder, Frida and Skadi rushed to lift the carcass off Morina's back.

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