Marvelina Chapter 9 Part 2

King Square wants to believe that he controls everything in his dominion. Of course, that is the anxiety producing desire of every King, and never truly attainable…

	…His throne resembled more closely a well-used leather swivel chair than a symbol of dominion. His broad shoulders were hunched forward as if pulled by a magnetic force sucking him into his task.  He scanned the information on multiple screens and zoomed in on the video feeds of Square Plaza when he noticed the two men. They passed by a faux marble statue of the King holding high a square fist to the Universe. "Where has that slick slob been?" King Square said, annoyed.

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Marvelina Chapter 8 Part 2

Most of us have abilities that we are unaware of because we have not been taught to recognize what we sense and feel as real. Marvelina is slowly becoming more aware of her senses and abilities.

What Marvelina saw looked so real to her that she wanted to test her perception. She reached out with her left hand to touch the Duke and watched her hand pass right through him. She closed her eyes again, gripping the metal, and heard the Duke's shrill laughter. Her hatred of him rose up like bile in her throat. Then she heard a low growling and let go of the wing suddenly when she realized that the growl was real.

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