Some Memories of Butch Morris

I met Butch Morris at A Gathering of the Tribes in the East Village of New York City, in the early 1990′s. Steve Cannon had asked me to participate in a Chorus of Poets conducted by Butch Morris, and rehearsal was right there in Tribes Gallery (an intimate experience you could say.) I didn’t know what to expect, having agreed to it simply because it sounded like fun. It was indeed a fun experience, but it was more than that. Butch was doing something that was truly new to me, and really profound I think. Later on I would be a witness to a towering babel suddenly sounding sweet harmony, humanity communicating for a moment in time, speaking a common language and taking a little step closer to the light of the divine. But when I arrived for the first rehearsal I simply had to learn his hand signals.

Butch Morris and the Chorus of Poets II, Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, Mother’s Day May 8, 1994 Photo by Amy J. Klement

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