Hear I Am South Carolina

Here I am, with my three sons, raised (mostly) in Greenville, SC

I have been living in Greenville, South Carolina for more than ten years now. I never had any intention to live in the South, and honestly, I had some misgivings about moving here. But, my husband grew up in Greenville, and I fell in love with him. I followed him here from California when he asked me to.

I had many, mostly negative, ideas about what the “Deep South,” is and was, before coming here. In reality, I have found the South to be many things, some positive and some negative. But now I am a Southerner too. I have put my own blood, sweat and tears into this land and I have no intention of leaving. Odds are, that when you think of South Carolina, whether you live here or not, you probably conjure up your own impressions or memories, and they don’t include me. Or people like me.

So who am I? Who are people like me? Not your stereotypical Southerners. That’s all. Or that’s all I mean by it anyway. I could go on to describe a stereotypical southerner to you, but I don’t want to. My intention is to not spread stereotypes. I want to foster communication and create a comfortable home for exploring alternative realities. That’s why I am starting a new project in 2020 called Hear I Am South Carolina.

In the metropolitan areas that I have lived in, in the past, there have been resources available to independent artists like me, that are not available to me here in Greenville. I’m talking about something like WBAI Radio in New York where I was a volunteer producer and host for years, or the local cable TV channels where any hard working producer can create TV shows for a local audience. I was also active at A Gathering of the Tribes when I lived in New York, a not-for-profit dreamed up by Steve Cannon, where I served as an editor for the literary magazine of the same name for several years. When I moved to the Bay Area of California, my husband and I published a Listen & Be Heard Weekly for about six years, to publicize and promote not only the events at our own poetry cafe, but the entire arts scene.

Here in Greenville, we are sorely lacking in these kinds of resources for young and independent artists searching for ways to share their work and gain wider recognition. So, part of the reason that people don’t include people like me (not saying I’m young) in their visions of the South is because it is hard to know that we are here! I intend to do something about that. And, I’m looking for some collaborators.

I have plans! More information coming soon, but I can tell you that the first part of my plan is to start a podcast called Hear I Am South Carolina. Are you interested in being a guest? A host? A producer? An engineer? Please leave a comment, or give me a call at 864-610-0864. That’s the new office phone number for Hear I Am South Carolina. Website and email coming soon….

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