Crystal Clear Waters now for Sale on Amazon

The second book in the Magic Path Series. I wrote Crystal Clear Waters when my daughter, with the same name, was young. I told it many times when I was appearing as a storyteller here and there. Now she’s grown and the story has too. It’s available as an e-book at

Once there was a tiny fairy named Ladybug living in The Enchanted Forest on Twin Peaks Mountain. Everyone living on the mountain knew that Ladybug spent most of her time at Lake Crystal Clear Waters. But none of them knew why. There was something singularly special about Lake Crystal Clear Waters. Sometimes when she swims in it, she can visit other worlds.

One morning Ladybug wakes up to find green ooze spilling out from her beloved lake and running off into The Enchanted Forest in every direction. “What is doing this to our lake?” Ladybug wailed. She must find out how Lake Crystal Clear Waters has become polluted by diving in to get to the world where the pollution is coming from. She dives into the polluted lake with a thread from Ersha the Spider tied around her wrist so that she find her way back home.

On a mission to save the water, she finds a girl named Clarissa who is leaving her village with everyone else because their river has become polluted by a giant manufacturing the ooze for his own amusement. Ladybug asks Clarissa to climb Magic Mountain and help her to defeat the giant SlogSlime and destroy his factory.

But first Clarissa has to believe in the fairy’s magic…

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