ode to insurance companies

oh the vanity
of those of us
who think we can hold on

who want insurance
that nothing will change

who can believe
that what we have now
we will always have


we are required to pay
for peace of mind
before we turn the key in the ignition
before we open the front door to a home

but that’s not for your peace of mind
or my peace of mind

that’s just so
if you are hit by disaster
or i am injured

the bank will always get its piece
and be spared any sympathetic suffering

probably the bank owner
and the insurance company owner
are brothers
or cousins
or even the same person

me and you
we’re just supposed to pay
and never get paid

be careful not to ask
for anything
because it costs them too much to answer you
they’ll just cut you off

like they don’t care
cuz they don’t really need your hard earned money
or mine either

if they have to actually work for it

so don’t worry
cuz it won’t do you any good

our lawmakers are seeing to it

if there is a terrorist attack

and you lose

it won’t matter what you put in
you won’t get anything out

if you die
your kids won’t get anything
your husband won’t get anything
your wife won’t get anything
your domestic partner won’t get anything
your mom and dad won’t get anything
your dog will wander without shelter

because the insurance companies won’t pay you a dime
of what you gave up to them

so be careful how you use that word

but here’s a hint

if you’re looking for a secure job in a failing economy
the insurance companies won’t be going bankrupt any time soon