Your Book and Your Bank Account

The average number of self-published print-on-demand books that get sold is about 100-150 copies. That’s according to a variety of facts and figures coming from the self-publishing industry’s leaders. The average person who self-publishes a book, then, is not serious about publishing. It may be for a variety of reasons. Many people these days are publishing photo books to share with family and friends. Others I’m sure are publishing scholarly books directed at a highly specialized and limited audience. There are writers, however, who are serious about their writing, who may decide for various reasons to publish their own writing. I went over some of those reasons in last week’s article  Own What’s Yours. In that same article I included a resource list which included a link to a very informative article worth reading, “PRINT ON DEMAND”  about what to be aware of when considering Print on Demand publication of your own writing. Continue reading “Your Book and Your Bank Account”