Changing and Changing Again

The internet has only been around for about ten years. I didn’t grow up with a cell phone or a laptop. I still wrote my essay assignments in high school by hand. I still have a writer’s bump on my right middle finger to prove that I wrote some long essays. I read books, old books, new books, used books, trashy books, great books. I listened to records and spent time looking at album covers. Sometimes I went to the library. Being into artistic type things, dreaming of being a writer, I was warned that I wasn’t likely to make much of a living like that. The same was true for teens like me, definitely not jocks, or physicists either, all across the country. Continue reading “Changing and Changing Again”

The Why of Switching from a Local to an International Point of View

Last week I wrote about the beginnings of Listen & Be Heard in New York City in the 1990’s. What developed there was the roots of what Listen & Be Heard became in Vallejo, CA. For those of you who might now be searching for a mate, let me suggest that you host a weekly open mic event and be very patient. Tony Mims showed up one Thursday night at Rafael’s, and we got married. He inspired me to make Listen & Be Heard more than an open mic event. I was already sending out a weekly e-mail with news about who we were featuring each week. He suggested we be more ambitious and print an actual newspaper that would be like an open mic in print for the arts community. Continue reading “The Why of Switching from a Local to an International Point of View”

In Between Past and Future

Last week when our new issue went live on March 26, 2008, some very strange things happened which brought the entire site down for a little while, and left it only semi-functional for a few days. Now, although we are fully functioning again, with a few little bugs, we are missing our entire last issue from our database, because somewhere in there we were hacked. I may make the effort to restore the missing content, but that will not be possible this week. Thanks for all the comments left on my letter from last week, which are now gone along with the article…

The madness and mayhem on-line occurred while in the real world Tony and I were in our next-to-last week at Listen & Be Heard Poetry Café. There was still one more Metaphysical Muse event last Thursday. Then on Friday was a very memorable final open mic. And on Saturday, we had a pot-luck closing party. I say the next-to-last-week because this week is all about clean up and clean out before we can move on.

This Saturday from 10am-2pm you can come around to Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe one last time for our Yard Sale. Everything must Go!!! So please call your friends and come buy up the cutlery, cups, art, books, cd’s, furniture, office equipment and more.

This publication, Listen & Be Heard Weekly, is also now in a state of clean up and clean out. You can expect with my new found free time that I will be examining what is good and bad about the site, and developing it into what will probably be a virtual poetry café. But for now, I’m going to continue sweeping and sweating until the final task is completed and we turn the page on the chapter called Listen & Be Heard Poetry Café.