The White Spider Catches a Dream

Writers and Spiders
and Fighters for Freedom
of Speech to Teach
Wisdom of Woman
and Man who Can
Create and Continue
to Love and Be Loved.

White Spiders and Black Spiders

harmless or killers

pretty or ugly

spinners or swingers

big or small

tricksters and gods

older than christmas

weaving past present

and future

white or black

red or brown

they’re all eights.

they’re all spiders.

The White Spider Smiles

when they see her working hard

focused in the moment

on what needs to be done now

deflecting friendly greetings

and party invitations

for future revelations

they don’t see that she’s smiling

or guess about her nightlife

or what sustains her spirit.

when the white spider pounces

she is most vulnerable

when she displays her desires

acting instantaneous

attempting to acquire

what motivates her actions

the prey that saves her spirit

to pray for the right outcome

and never ever fear it

pouncing always has a purpose

presumed preferences

plenty of preparation

pointed points of references

leading to the very center

of the white spider’s weaving

where she resides sometimes hides

always hears her own breathing.