Note to Men of their Time

Dear Fathers,
You founded us wanting. We’re still in this agreement with hell. If you couldn’t tell right from wrong what does it matter what you meant to say? You should stay in the past where you belong.
Pursuing Happiness

Make a Note of It

did you say i did what i said you did?
did i say you did what you said i did?
did i say i said you said what you did?
did you say what i said i said you did?
did you say i say you do what you did?
did you say you did what i said you did?
did you say i said i did what you did?

Repetition in Performance

“Repetition” is a poem I’ve been working on for a little while. This is a freestyle version with Shannon Hoover on bass and Matt Dingledine on guitar. The gig at the Five Forks branch of the Greenville Public Library, back in April 2019, was sponsored by the library. They reached out to the Greenville Jazz Collective to provide a program of jazz and poetry, so then the GJC reached out to me for the poetry. I would still like to work on an arrangement for this piece, especially including some percussion, and then record it…

Noting the Season

i didn’t realize at the moment
that Dad died that i
was a leaf at the moment when
it falls from the tree.
i have been adrift.
my hair has changed color.
i bristle at the breeze that will
lay me down; i am free as
the direction of the wind.

Correct link on Facebook for live video recording

On Thursday I posted the wrong link for a live video recording from the Five Forks Library in Simpsonville. So I deleted that post. 🙂 I had fun performing for the first time with Shannon Hoover on upright bass, and Matt Dingledine on guitar. Here is the correct link: For those of you who […]

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