Remembering Cleven "Goodie" Goudeau

He gave generously of his time to everyone, and his knowledge of every aspect of the visual arts was vast. But he didn’t just know a lot, and he wasn’t just helpful and kind, he was also prolific.

Poetic Symmetry in Downtown Greenville, SC

On Saturday December 12, at 7:30pm we will make our arrival official with a poetic performance in the theatre at the Coffee Underground in downtown Greenville. We have distinctive styles, quite different from each other. Both improvisational fun and the culmination of the decades of spoken word performance between the two of us, what happens when we come together is synergistic and transformative.

Thanks for Listening

Dear All, This will be my last letter from the editor of Listen & Be Heard. Times are changing, and I am changing with them. Listen & Be Heard the open mic, Listen & Be Heard the newspaper and website, and Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe have all been learning experiences for me from […]

Using what we already have.

It is important for arts advocates to work together for common goals in the arts, to band together just as big business and financial institutions do, to forward our own agenda. But it is just as important to be able to look in the mirror and examine each and every asset that we have no matter how small and insignificant it may seem, before we look outward to ask for something that we can accomplish ourselves with some sweat equity.

If You Laugh, it’s True.

What the ratings do show is that the Arts are more integral to politics than is generally acknowledged. In fact the Arts are major tools for propaganda and can be quite dangerous and cruel in the hands of dictators. Corporations have their own reasons for using artists and the Arts to manipulate behavior.

State of the Arts in the New Economy

Now is the time to advocate for a different perspective on what is important to us and future generations. Don’t allow the Arts to continue to be looked upon as charities, when in reality artistic activity can lead the way to economic prosperity.

The International Connection

The international connection is the single most valuable aspect of our modern technology. In the hands of creators, in the hands of the collective imagination for the future, we have a vast ocean of possibilities available to us like never before. We can connect with our international neighbors as easily as we can walk across the street and ring our neighbor’s doorbell. But nothing is certain in the future, and most of this won’t work if the plug gets pulled from the socket.

Arts and Politics

Arts, Arts Education, Culture, these topics aren’t important enough to enter the discussion when everyone’s worried about their bank accounts and where in the world to shoot bullets. But it is the Arts that will sustain us even when the stock market fails and our sons and daughters die in foreign lands.

Is this a letter or a journal entry?

I figure that I’m somewhere in the middle in terms of technical know-how and understanding. For those who know more than me, I can be entertaining with my mishaps, and remind those with mastery how the rest of us perceive what’s happening as we learn. For those who know less than me, I can be encouraging. I am demonstrating how it is possible to continue to learn and apply new techniques toward manifesting creative goals. Technology of all kinds is becoming more available all the time, and can be a useful tool if we choose to use it.

Learning to work with available tools.

The tools that are available to us today have evolved. With a little effort we can overcome our trepidation about technology we’re not used to, and begin to use it. I love the fact that I can host (for free) a live radio show that people anywhere in the world can call in to. And people have. They have called my show from Germany, Canada and all around the United States. I have the freedom to schedule shows when I wish, and to produce whatever content suits me, all brought to you by You can participate in the L&BH Network Radio Hour by calling in while it’s live (Tuesday nights from 8-9pm, Pacific Coast time), or submitting audio content to me for consideration. You could also start your own radio show by going to

Call in radio is a lot of fun, but so is hosting your own tv station. I’m currently doing both. Combining video available from a vast on-line library with original programming, Listen & Be Heard is now producing a 24 hour tv channel. offers a live studio over the internet to television producers. This is a great addition to the Listen & Be Heard Network.

A Listen and Be Heard Wish List

Listen & Be Heard Network plans to record and air a weekly arts news program. Volunteer must live in the vicinity of Vallejo, CA, USA and be available for studio work one morning a week for two hours. If interested please send a cover letter and resume to Martha Mims at editor AT listenandbeheard DOT net.

Do you make a living doing that?

I went to a party and someone asked me “what do you do?” My answer to that question tends to be different every time I give it a whirl. So this time around I said I was a writer, a poet. The next question was inevitable. It doesn’t seem to change no matter what my answer to the first question is: “do you make a living doing that?”

Well, I’m living. Now, I know many of you have had a similar experience. Depending on your personal history and what your “achievements” have been, your emotional response to the question “what do you do?” will shape your answer.

Communication and Concentration of Creative Construction

This system that we were all born into here in America dictates that if you are ambitious about producing and presenting big arts projects you will have to go out with your hat out and ask people, companies, corporations and governments for money, because your work will not have any dollar value on its own. It’s time to get away from all that and find a different way to manifest what must be expressed.

Changing and Changing Again

During the whole time that the Olympics were happening in Beijing I kept thinking that what the world needs is an international arts event of the same stature as the Olympics is for sports. When Dizzy Gillespie visited Cuba he gave a concert with a band of musicians who were Americans and Cubans. He commented to a huge crowd of fans that they were demonstrating to their political leaders how it can be done. The way I see it, no matter what the political controversy is that surrounds the Olympics, the fact that all these athletes come together and display their skills and sportsmanship at the heights of human achievement is awe inspiring. Just imagine, if there was a arts event of the same magnitude, how it would improve the stature and the funding of the arts all over the world. How little kids would pick up instruments, recite poetry, rehearse in state-of-the-art theaters…

Activities for Fall

Another radio show I will be hosting is an interview and call in with Ana Castillo. Her latest book is “The Guardians,” published by Random House. I am reading it now and will be speaking with her in a couple weeks. So now is the time to brush up on her history (you can read a previous interview I did with her about “Massacre of the Dreamers” in the archives), and/or read her latest book now, so that you can call in with your comments and questions about the book. I’ll post the details of when and where as soon as everything is finalized.

The Slow Days of August

Please mark your calendars for our first internet radio open mic on Tuesday August 19, 2008 at 8pm (California time.) We will be featuring DDE, Don Hagelberg, Alicia Jones and Adam Gottshalk. There is still room to be featured on August 26 if you want to sign the open mic list.

Taking My Own Advice

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article about becoming the media, in order to use the media. As often happens, I was sharing my thoughts as I work on promoting both my personal work (books, cd’s, appearances) and my community work which is Listen & Be Heard Network. So, since writing the article, I […]

A Bulletin Board for Arts Professionals

A bulletin board creates a central area for discussions to take place. The forums and topics will be determined by the participants. What follows should be constructive conversation that leads to actions which help us all to thrive as arts professionals.

Using What's Available

Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing are what get the big guys use to get where they want to go, and what will get you where you want to go. You can even take some control over where you are going. But you may have to be more creative to accomplish the same things.

Media as Medium

Whatever field of the arts that you may be participating in, a major challenge for all creators today is to make their activities viable. You may make a living, want to make a living, or not care about making a living in the arts. If you are serious about your craft, you want it to […]

Laying the Groundwork of Listen & Be Heard Network

Since closing the doors of Listen & Be Heard Poetry Cafe in downtown Vallejo, Ca for the last time at the end of March 2008, I have been working on setting up the Listen & Be Heard Network. It has required building several websites and mailing lists, all ultimately connected by my involvement in the […]

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